RPZ Valve Testing And Installation

Aussie BACKFLOW is Melbourne’s most trusted name when it comes to expert RPZ Valve Testing and installation to achieve backflow compliance.

What is a RPZ Valve

A Reduced Pressure Zone Device known as a RPZ valve is testable device designed for use in High Hazard conditions to prevent backflow caused by back siphonage or back pressure. It has two independently operating force loaded non-return valves installed in series and a relief valve positioned between the non return valves, it incorporates specific test taps for in-service testing.

RPZ Valve Testing And Installation

RPZ Valve Testing And Installation

RPZDs are commonly installed on high hazard installations such as plating plants, where they would primarily protect against backsiphonage, and car washes, where they would primarily protect against backpressure.

These would include: 

  • Abattoirs and fish processing plants
  • Car and plant washing facilities
  • Chemical plants, factories or suppliers
  • Commercial laundry
  • Funeral parlours
  • Hospitals
  • Metal finishing plants
  • Sewage pumping and treatment facilities

RPZ Valve Testing And Installation

Typical RPZ Valve Installation

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