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Aussie BACKFLOW Testing is Melbourne’s most trusted and professional backflow testing service. If your business or home in Melbourne requires backflow prevention then we are able to help you meet all your backflow prevention obligations. As certified plumbers we can test, repair and install any backflow prevention system for commercial and domestic customers. To speak to an expert today call 0488 410 033 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs or arrangement a free quote and inspection.

100% Compliance with your local water utility.

Fixed Price Testing Solutions.

Free annual reminders and inspections.

All our work is fully guaranteed.

Aussie BACKFLOW Testing Services

Aussie BACKFLOW specialises in the field of backflow prevention testing. We test and maintain backflow valves all over Melbourne.

Backflow Prevention Valve

Yearly Valve Testing

Each year your backflow value will need to tested. Our fully automated testing service means your backflow value will not miss its mandatory yearly test.

Aussie Backflow Testing

Backflow Valve Replacement

If your backflow value needs replacing we can provide you with a new value that very same day. This will make sure that your system is compliant 24/7.

Backflow Prevention Valve Service

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing your backflow value has never been easier. Our fully trained plumbers have all the equipment and parts to service any value. Same day servicing available.

Do You Need Professional Backflow Testing?

At Aussie BACKFLOW, we know how to best approach each situation and offer great solutions at a fraction of the cost and with minimal downtime. Our many clients are very happy with the high quality of service that is provided and is also very pleased with the low cost of the repairs when required.

Cost Effective Backflow Prevention Solutions For Every Situation

  • Annual backflow prevention test inspection & maintenance report
  • Installation of backflow devices/valves
  • Repairs & maintenance of backflow valves
  • Liaise with your local water utility
  • Detailed reports sent straight to your water utility and owner
  • Annual reminders sent to customers
  • Cost-effective same day testing solutions
About Aussie BACKFLOW Testing

Aussie BACKFLOW Testing

In Australia, there are several basic types of devices/valves that can be used to prevent backflow.

BACKFLOW Prevention Device
  1. Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)
  2. Double Check Valve (DCV)
  3. Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZD)
  4. Single Check Valve Testable (SCVT)
  5. Single Check Detector Assembly (SCDAT)
  6. Registered Break Tank (RBT) And Registered Air Gap (RAG)

We service all the major water suppliers and are Accredited Backflow Prevention Testers.

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