BACKFLOW Valve Inspection And Maintenance

Aussie BACKFLOW is Melbourne’s most trusted name when it comes to expert backflow valve inspection and maintenance. We can install, service and repair for all types of backflow prevention valves.

Do You Need A Backflow Valve Inspection And Maintenance Report

If your business or home has a testable backflow device then you are obligated to have it tested once every 12 months. If for some reason your device has missed its annual test, then a backflow valve inspection and maintenance report will get you back on track.

Here's what the report will cover

  • Location
  • Make & Model
  • Valve Type
  • Test Results
  • Installation compliance (AS/NZS 3500.1)

If a backflow valve fails the test the report will specify why.

The reasons for failure could be:

  • Improper location
  • Sticking or seizing parts
  • Improper assembly
  • Abnormal seat wear or damage
  • Spring wear or damage
  • Blocked line
  • Sand or grit
BACKFLOW Valve Inspection And Maintenance

Your backflow prevention system needs to tested every 12 months

Why Choose Aussie BACKFLOW

Aussie BACKFLOW Testing is Melbourne’s most trusted and professional backflow testing service. If your business or home in Melbourne requires backflow prevention then we are able to help you meet all your backflow prevention obligations. As certified plumbers we can test, repair and install any backflow prevention system for commercial and domestic customers. To speak to an expert today call 0488 410 033 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs or arrangement a free quote and inspection.

100% Compliance with your local water utility.

Fixed Price Testing Solutions.

Free annual reminders and inspections.

All our work is fully guaranteed.

We service all the major water suppliers and are Accredited Backflow Prevention Testers.

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